This Webscope wiki belongs to an international team of practioners of the science of Structured Dialogic Design (SDD), who wish to work together towards discovering the roadblocks facing President Barack Obama in realizing his vision of a bottom-up democracy for the people and with the people of the United States of America.

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The group work of the team of stakeholders focuses on diagnosing the inhibitors to the actualization of a bottom-up democracy as visualized by the President-elect:

The "disciplined dialogue" of the team will be conducted asynchronously (different places at different times from December 1 to 12), and synchronously (different places at the same time on December 13) employing this Websope wiki. The group will be engaged for approximately six hours during the period of December 1 to December 13, 2008. The RESULTS will be reported in this wiki, together with the PROCESS Rounds that the group of participants was engaged to produce the results.

For more details about the methodology employed see:

For a brief video of SDD in Action visit:

Members of the international team of stakeholders are invited to participate in this virtual interaction by first visiting the "Lounge" for introducing themselves and chatting (November 15 till November 30). After the informal conversations in the Lounge, they will be guided on how to engage in a disciplined iterative process of generative and strategic dialogue with the other participants (December 1 to 13).

If you are a participant in this disciplined dialogue and you are entering this Webscope wiki for the first time, please click the Lounge entry in the left navigation bar to visit and start socializing and chatting with other members of your group. You can take a look at the various Rounds of the Engagement Process as shown in the navigation bar, but you are not supposed to start working on Round 1, until December 1. We would love it, however, if in the meantime you interact informally in the Lounge and chatt with your team members. If you would like to get oriented about the scope of work of the Webscope wiki click in the "Webinar info" in the navigation panel.

If you are not a participant, and you are interested to see the results produced by the dialogue among the group of participants, please click on the "RESULTS" entry in the navigation bar. However, the FINAL RESULTS will not be posted until the completion of the group work on December 13, 2008. In the interim, you can observe how the dialogue unfolds by visiting the Engagement Process Rounds. You are welcome to observe the deliberations of the team of participants, but in your role as an observer you will not be able to sign in and make contributions.

This stakeholder engagement is sponsored by the Institute for 21st Century Agoras (

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