You will be using this Websope Wiki for conducting on-line structured dialogues.

This site has many pages, all of which can be accessed by clicking in the Navigation panel on the left. You may have to scroll down to see the entire list.

Each page of this site has its own Discussion tab along the top. The Discussion pages are interactive; you will enter text that others can read almost immediately. You will be using discussion pages many times on the Wiki. Directions for using the Discussion pages are included in the Websope wiki for each step of the process.

Here are the steps you will be taking when working with this Webscope wiki:

    • If you are engaged as a participant set up a Wikispaces account which includes signing in and uploading your picture. Observers cannot sign in but they are welcome to visit and observe the deliberations of the participants as they unfold.
    • Visit the 6 Essential Steps page-(Describes the 6 steps of the virtual structured dialogue process)
    • Visit the Lounge--(This is a place to socialize online with other participants)
    • Learn about your Triggering Question
    • Round 1: Answer the triggering question-(Enter responses to the Triggering Question; Starts on December 1.)
    • Round 2: Ask for Clarification--(After studying each other's responses, you have the opportunity to ask questions for clarification of meaning; Starts on December 4.)
    • Round 3: Amend Clusters (All of the responses are arranged into similarity clusters by the Knowledge Management Team (KMT); you have the opportunity to amend the clusters; Starts on December 9.)
    • Round 4: Vote (Select 5 responses that in your judgment are relatively more important in the context of the triggering question)
    • Round 5: Root Cause Mapping {Participants synchronously interact utilizing the Cogniscope software ( to construct a relational map; Takes place on December 13.}