Directions for using the Discussion feature (team members only):

The discussion page is organized in 3 sections:

  • We will not be using the Keywords section, so ignore that section.
  • The discussion threads are catagorized by Subjects. Clicking on a subject will allow you to read the contributions made by other authors as well any responses from other particpants. You will also be able to add a response to their contibution.
  • The Message form will allow you to start a discussion thread by making a contibution. You might also want to use the Lounge to introduce yourself. If you fill out the form on the discussion page, then your contibution will be listed along with others on the page. If you are reading a thread and you fill out the message form, your response will be added to that thread in sequential order.

To enter a message use the following 3 steps in the "Post Message" form.

  • Enter the title of your idea in the Subject box or your name if you are introducing yourself
  • Include your contibution and/or an introduction of yourself to the other members of the group in the Message box
  • Click on the "Post" button.

Make sure you have your picture uploaded to your profile so we can match your picture with your contribution!