Round 1: Generate ideas and enter statements

In your role as a participant, you are now asked to click on the 'Discussion' Tab above and begin entering your responses to the triggering question, which for this particular virtual session reads:

"In the context of Obama's vision for engaging stakeholders from all walks of life in a bottom-up democracy employing Internet technology, what factors do we anticipate, on the basis of our experiences with SDDP, will emerge as inhibitors to the actualization of his vision?"

Please note that you will be using this page for Round 2 as well. A member of the KMT will let you know when round 2 begins. Go to the Round 2-Clarification page for specific directions for Round 2.
Table to be used for Round 2

Go to How to Respond to Triggering Question page for detailed directions on how to use the discussion tab to enter your brief statements and explanations.