Round 3: Amend Clusters

Following Round 2, the KMT will organize all of your statements into clusters, maintaining similar meanings of statements together.

Because the KMT is not responsible for content, Figure 1 is preliminary and we would like to invite your feedback for amending it.

Your task is to review Figure 1 carefully (using Table 2 to remind you what the statements mean), and proceed to use the Discussion Tab on this page of the wiki to add any suggestions for modificationof the clusters.

For example, your statement in the discussion tab might have a title/subject that says: "Move #25 to Cluster 3" and your message could read: "I propose that statement #25 should be assigned to Cliuster #3 instead of Cluster #1."


(Title/Subject) 35 should be in Cluster 5 (message) "I am the author of statement #35 and my meaning fits better with the inhibitors assigned to Cluster #5."

Another type of statement could be (title/subject) Mob Rule should be Confusions (Message) "I think that the name of Cluster #1 should be changed from "MOB RULE" to "CONFUSIONS."

Participants are invited to read the various amendments and make their comments, if they so desire.

The Knowledge Management Team will review all this content and amend the clusters (Figure 1) accordingly.

The discussion taking place in Round 3 will be finished by Wed Dec 10th at 5:00 PM EST.