Guidelines for Communicating with Participants (When people receive too many emails they begin to ignore all emails. In order to retain the importance of emails we want to limit the unnecessary ones so please follow these simple guidelines)

  • Keep communications on the Webscope Wiki (not through email).
  • Leave group communications for the Knowledge Management Team (KMT) to send to the whole group.
  • When replying to a group email from the KMT, don't 'reply to all' .
  • Address personal communications only to one person, not to everyone.

Observers are Guests on the Wiki and should follow these guidelines
  • Observers must attend the duration of the online "structured dialogue."
  • Observers should register themselves on the Webscope Wiki including uploading their picture and bio.
  • Observers may interact on the wiki only when they are asked to do so by the KMT.
  • Observers MUST NOT post new threads or edit any pages of the Webscope Wiki.
  • Observers who are invited to "observe" the live session will not have access to a live microphone.
  • Observers must agree to the observer role to participate as observers.
  • Observers should hold deeply exploratory questions until the close of the Webscope Wiki, and we will then open up a special section to promote extended dialogue among participants and observers.